The clinic

We are an innovative private clinic, and concentrate exclusively on minimally invasive interventions on joints. With this specialization and our innovative treatment methods, we have developed into one of the leading centers of expertise for hip arthroscopy, cartilage cell transplantation, individual joint replacement, and spinal endoprosthetics. We always choose the most protective therapy for the patient. This also includes us first of all trying to save the joint.


Our philosophy is characterized by the terms “patient-oriented” and “physician-centered”. We stand for unrestricted, caring, person-orientation in medicine. As a patient, you are always at the focal point. Our motivated and highly qualified team is there for you. With us, you experience attention, we listen to you, and we include you in all decisions. As far as possible, we avoid stress-creating factors, such as long waiting times, unclear decisions, unanswered medical and organizational questions or even worries about unclear invoicing. Our physician-centered management allows our highly qualified doctors to spend as much time as required with the patients. The physician focuses on his core activity.


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